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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Are you looking for an alternative to the education of your children? Why not let your journey begin and end with us. We are Christian Learning Center, Ottawa.


We are under the supervision of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) organization, also known as the School of Tomorrow. Their purpose is to strongly support the training of children with a Bible-based academic curriculum. In addition, they are known for their strong emphasis on an individualized system of learning. Students get to work at their own pace, thus alleviating the stress of making the grade, without a good understanding of the material.


From its beginning, Accelerated Christian Education has maintained high Biblical and academic standards and remained committed to setting children on a path for success. The goal is the same today: to prepare children for the world today and give them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to achieve their God-given potential. Accelerated Christian Education's concepts are based on the following Five Basic Laws of Learning:

  • A child must be at a level where he can perform.

  • He must have reasonable goals.

  • His learning must be controlled, and he must be motivated.

  • His learning must be measurable.

  • His learning must be rewarded.


Based on these principles, the A.C.E. curriculum assures parents of:

  • A solid, mastery-based, back-to-basics education for their child.

  • A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a student's specific learning needs and capabilities.

  • A program incorporating Scripture, Godly character building, and wisdom principles.

  • A curriculum using advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today's high-tech climate.


Our Mission is to ensure that each of our students achieve optimal learning across the curriculum, and acquire a godly, Christ-like character.

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